Cleanroom Tour

Setup and run by the NanoFab 15-20 min.

Steps for making the Au features
Action Materials Other notes
Show a cleaned and rinsed wafer Silicon wafer
Show a Cr/Au wafer Au plated Silicon wafer
Show the spinning of photo resist onto the wafer Au (same as previous) Spin coater Need resist remover to prep for another set of students
Etch the Au from a sample Second Au sample This will only be done on pieces of sample

  1. Wafer Cleaning (5 min.)
    1. HF
    2. Rinse and Dry

  2. Metal Deposition (5 min.)
    1. Cr
    2. Au

  3. Photolithography
    1. 1813(15 min.)
    2. Bake
    3. Exposure
    4. Developer
    5. Rinse
    6. Microscope(10 min.)

  4. Etch
  5. Remove resist
  6. Microscope
  7. Data
  8. Presentation on other things that are fabricated in a clean room 30 minutes(will have to be worked on).

List of materials

  1. 1x Silicon wafer
  2. 2x Au/Cr/Si wafers
  3. Au etchant
  4. Photostripper


  1. Spinner
  2. Microscope
  3. Lab glassware

Total time needed: 3 hrs.
Number of Students: 4-5