Eduaction and outreach

The Reflectometry project has been engaged in two kinds of education and outreach activities.

K-12 grade students

For the past two years we have been giving presentations and helping to run the K-12 after school science program 4-H Adventures in Science.

Our presentation were:

Clean room activity

Cleanroom facilities are an integral part of modern materials research. Their functionality and versatility provide resources to not only create new materials systems but also to provide structures which can be used for the characterization and testing of new materials. Because of the crucial role these facilities play in modern research, providing young scientists with the opportunity to experience cleanroom work is a useful and educational endeavor.

We have provided an opportunity for four students at Tacoma Park Magnet School to tour the University of Maryland FabLab facility as well as a real world experience of how to create micron size features using lithography and wet etch techniques. The students were also able to experience the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in the University of Maryland NISP lab. The tour is outlined in the following attachment.

Scientific Outreach

Conference Posters

Conference Presenatations