Reflectometry reduction prerelease

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The DANSE/Reflectometry group are developing a reflectometry reduction library in conjunction with the NIST Center for Neutron Research and the Spallation Neutron Source. We currently have support for loading datasets from the NCNR and loading NeXus files, and we have implemented some corrections.

This is not production grade software, and is only suitable for use from a command line python interpreter. We provide it now so that the community can provide feedback on further development.


The reflectometry reduction library is not presently released, but is available by directly accessing the reflectometry svn repository.

First prepare the python development environment [Unix, Windows or OS/X].

Retrieve the danse repository:

   $ svn co svn:// reflectometry

Change into the reflectometry directory and type:

   $ python

Run python and load the library:

   $ ipython -pylab
   import reflectometry.reduction as red
   data = red.load(red.datadir+'/ng7/jul04039.ng7')
   print red.summary(data)

Frequent users will want to modify the ipython startup file to execute the import statement automatically at startup.

File readers for the various instrument formats load the data into a standard reflectometry data object.