Refl1D: Interactive Depth Profile Modeler
Overview | User Guide | Refl1D.pdf (2.6M) | Source Browser | refl1d-0.7.5-win32.exe (80.7M) | Refl1D-0.6.19.dmg (57.8M)

OsRefl: 3D Structure Modeler
Overview | User Guide | OsRefl.pdf | Source Browser | osrefl-1.1.1-win32.exe (35.1M)

DiRefl: Direct Inversion Depth Profile Modeler
Overview | User Guide | DirectInversion.pdf | Source Browser | direfl-1.1.0-win32.exe (31.6M)

GArefl: Genetic Algorithms Depth Profile Modeler
Overview | User Guide | Source Browser | garefl-2009.03.02-src.tar.gz


reduction: Reflectometry Reduction Package
Overview | Reference Manual | Source Browser

boxmin: Box Constrained Nelder-Mead and Levenberg-Marquardt Minimizer
Reference Manual

snobfit: Stable Noisy Optimization by Branch And Fit
Reference Manual | Source Browser

dream: Differential Evolution Adaptive Metropolis
Source Browser

periodictable: Periodic Table with Scattering Factors
Overview | User Guide | PeriodicTable.pdf | Source Browser

nexus: Tree based navigation of NeXus neutron/xray files
Source Browser

nxs: NeXus Neutron/Xray Data Format Reader
Overview | Source Browser | Download

Web services

jobqueue: Distributed job management service
Overview | Source Browser


ratio 0.2: Beam Intensity Estimator from Water Reflection
Overview | Binary (19M)

crontest: DANSE Specific Nightly Tests for Python Packages
Source Browser

danseweb: DANSE Specific Web Page Template Weaver
Source Browser

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