It might be helpful for the user to add extra, non-standard information to facilitate reading the document and e.g. identifying the raw file and settings.

An example is the sample alignment given together with the raw file name (which often is just a non-descriptive number).

The problem is that the keywords introduced for this purpose might conflict with future standardised keywords.

Possible solution: non-standard keywords are marked as comment by a prefix. Any ideas?


to switch off content

Is there a way to comment out lines? In the sense that they won’t be used by the analysis software.

to give additional information

What about a free-form text section of the form

comment: |
    Attention! These data have been collected without the frame overlap mirror
    and contain thus some highly structured background.

    Still the peak positions can be analysed.

Or shorter comments anywhere in the header.

        name: Ni1000 
        # there is a big scratch on the surface!