Due to the cancellation of the SXNS16 conference, the planned ORSO satellite workshop has been taken online.

The meeting will be spread over 3 days: 26-28th May, consisting of:

  • 26th May: An introductory webinar explaining how to participate in the event, with some brief presentations on the progress of ORSO to date.
  • 26th-28th May: small working groups sessions (typically an hour in length) to discuss specific topics.
  • 28th May: Closing webinar. One individual nominated from each of the sessions presents a summary to the whole group.

Opening Webinar Agenda:

  • Tuesday 26th May 15:00-16:15 UK:

A recording of this webinar will be available here shortly

  • 15:00 General introduction, how the meeting will work: Tom Arnold
  • 15:10 A brief recap of the previous meeting held in October 2019: Jos Cooper
  • 15:20 canSAS: Tim Snow
  • 15:35 PaNOSC: Thomas Holm Rod
  • 15:50 Very brief progress updates:

5 min File formats: Jochen Stahn

5 min Reproducibility: Andrew McCluskey

5 min Data analysis: Brian Maranville

5 min Education & outreach: Tom Arnold

The working group sessions are roughly as follows but individual sessions may focus on different aspects:

  • File Formats: Chaired by Jochen Stahn
    • Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group
    • Session 2: Required content for data files
    • Session 3: Definition of format standards
  • Data Analysis: Chaired by Brian Maranville
    • Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group
    • Session 2: Requirements for a generic (shared) calculation engine
    • Session 3: First steps for creating a model-definition language (many dialects, one syntax?)
  • Reproducibility: Chaired by Andrew McCluskey
    • Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group
    • Session 2: How to communicate the importance of reproducibility?
    • Session 3: What are our expectations for reproducibility?
  • Education and Outreach: Chaired by Tom Arnold
    • Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group
    • Session 2: Website content and collation of online resources
    • Session 3: Future funding opportunities & formal support from facility management

If you would like to attend any of the events, please contact Tom Arnold to register your interest.


  • 26th May

16:30 File Formats 1a(i)/File Formats 1a(ii)

16:30 Reproducibility 1a

18:00 Data Analysis 1a(i)/Data Analysis 1a(ii)

18:00 Education and Outreach 1a

22:30 Data Analysis 2a

22:30 Reproducibility 2a

  • 27th May

08:00 File Formats 1b

08:00 Data Analysis 1b

10:00 Reproducibility 1b(i)/Reproducibility 1b(ii)

10:00 Education and Outreach 1b

11:00 File Formats 2a

11:00 Reproducibility 3a

15:00 Education and Outreach 2a

15:00 File Formats 2b(i)/File Formats 2b(ii)

16:30 File Formats 3a(i)/File Formats 3a(ii)

16:30 Education and Outreach 3a

18:00 File Formats 3b

18:00 Data Analysis 2b(i)/Data Analysis 2b(ii)

22:30 Reproducibility 2b

22:30 Data Analysis 3a

  • 28th May

08:00 Data Analysis 3b(i)/Data Analysis 3b(ii)

08:00 Education and Outreach 2b

10:00 Reproducibility 3b

10:00 Education and Outreach 3b

16:00 Wrap up webinar

Meeting ID: 979 8499 7988 The password has been emailed to you by Tom Arnold (tom.arnold@ess.eu)