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Table of Synchrotron X-ray reflectometry instruments

At synchrotron and free electron laser Light Sources there are many instruments that can be used for X-ray reflectometry. Please find a list of suggestions below. For a complete list of all x-ray scattering beamlines in Europe please visit, Way For Light database. (please note that the Way for Light database includes instruments that may use the term reflectometry to refer to some spectroscopy techniques rather than in sense used here).

Diamond Light Source has a good set of definitions of the various techniques that are possible at synchrotrons. Acronyms used in the table below are consistent with these definitions.

Facility Country Instrument Reflectometry on Liquid surfaces Polarisation Energy Range Other techniques Beamline Publications
AichiSR Japan BL8S1 General Material Evaluation II No Horizontal (linear) 9.3-14.6keV GIXD & more  
ALBA USA BL29 - BOREAS MARES UHV reflectometer No linear or circular 80-4000 eV resonant magnetic scattering and GISAXS  
APS USA 4-ID-D No linear or circular (polarization control: 2.7 to 15 keV) 2.7-40keV Magnetic Spectroscopy, resonant and low-energy diffraction  
APS USA 15-ID: Liquid Interface Scattering Yes horizontal (linear) 5-70keV GID, GISAXS & more  
BSRF China 1W1A Diffuse X-ray Scattering No Horizontal (linear) 8 kev, 13.9 keV XRD, GIXRD  
Diamond UK I07 Surface and Interface Diffraction Yes horizontal (linear) 4-45keV GIXD, GISAXS 2012, 2016
Diamond UK I10 BLADE No linear or circular 0.4-2keV XAS, XMCD, Soft X-ray Diffraction & more  
Diamond UK I16 Materials and Magnetism No linear or circular 3.3-25keV GIXD, WAXS & more  
ESRF (German CRG) France BM20 ROBL No horizontal (linear) 3.5-35keV GIXD & Resonant Anomalous X-ray Reflectometry, XAS, XES  
ESRF (Spansih CRG) France BM25 SpLine No horizontal (linear) 5-35keV GIXD, XPS  
ESRF (UK CRG) France BM28 XMaS No horizontal (linear) 2.4-15keV GIXD, GISAXS, SAXS, XAS & more  
ESRF (French CRG) France BM32 InterFace Beamline No horizontal (linear) 7-30keV GIXD, XAS & more  
ESRF France ID10 Soft interfaces and coherent scattering Yes horizontal (linear) 7-24keV GIXD, GISAXS & more  
ESRF France ID31 High-energy beamline for buried interface structure and materials processing Yes horizontal (linear) 21-150keV GIXD, GISAXS & more  
Indus-2 India BL-3 Soft x-ray reflectivity beamline No horizontal (linear) 100-1500 eV TEY  
Indus-2 India BL-13 Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering No horizontal (linear) 5-11 keV GIXD, GISAXS & XRD  
NSLS2 (BNL) USA 11-BM Complex Materials Scattering No horizontal (linear) 10 - 17 keV (GI)SAXS/WAXS  
NSLS2 (BNL) USA 12-ID Soft Matter Interfaces Yes horizontal (linear) 2.05 - 24 keV (GI)SAXS/WAXS, XRD  
NSLS2 (BNL) USA 4-ID Integrated In situ and Resonant Hard X-ray Studies No horizontal (linear) 6 - 23 keV (GI)SAXS/WAXS  
NSLS2 (BNL) USA 6-BM Beamline for Materials Measurement No horizontal (linear) 4 - 23 keV GIXD, GISAXS, resonant x-ray scattering  
Photon Factory (KEK) Japan BL-18B Indian Beamline at Photon Factory Yes horizontal (linear) 8-19 keV GIXD & XRD  
PETRA III (DESY) Germany P07 The High Energy Materials Science No horizontal (linear) 33-200keV XRD & more  
PETRA III (DESY) Germany P08 High Resolution Diffraction Yes horizontal (linear) 5.4-29.4keV (GI)XRD, (GI)SAXS & more 2012, 2014, 2022
PETRA III (DESY) Germany P09 Resonant Scattering and Diffraction No variable linear, circular & fast flipping circular 2.7keV – 31keV REXS, XRMR+XMCD & more  
PETRA III (DESY) Germany P23 In situ X-ray Diffraction and Imaging No horizonal (linear) 5keV – 35keV (GI)XRD, anomalous diffraction, DAFS  
SAGA Japan BL15 Materials science beamline No Horizontal (linear) 2.1-23keV XRD, SAXS, XAS & more  
SOLEIL France SEXTANTS No linear or circular 50 - 1800 eV RIXS, X-ray resonant magnetic scattering, Coherent x-ray scattering  
SOLEIL France SIXS Surfaces interfaces x-ray Scattering No horizontal (linear) 5 -20 keV XRD, GIXD & more  
SOLEIL France SIRIUS Soft Interfaces and Resonant Investigation No horizontal (linear) 1.4 -13 keV GIXD, GISAXS, XAS & more  
SPring-8 Japan BL13XU Surface and Interface Structures No horizontal (linear) 6-50 keV GIXD  
SPring-8 Japan BL19B2 Engineering Science I No horizontal (linear) 5-72 keV GIXD, SAXS, XRD  
SPring-8 Japan BL37XU Trace Element Analysis Yes horizontal (linear) 4.5-113 keV XAS (please contact the beamline staff for details of reflectometry capabilities)  
SPring-8 Japan BL46XU Engineering Science III No horizontal (linear) 6-35 keV GIXD, XRD & more  
SSRF China O2U2 Yes horizontal (linear) 4.8-28 keV XRD, GIXD & more