Upcoming events

the Open Reflectometry Standards Organisation ORSO annual meeting in collaboration with DAPHNE4NFDI

Took place online on the 21st of June 2023.

See dedicated page for more detail

Events of Interest to the ORSO community


Online Seminar series

ChemMatCARS has an Education and Outreach programme including a seminar series (including videos of past talks) and training schools

Schools and training courses in reflectometry and related techniques

Historical ORSO Workshops

Each of the ORSO working groups meets in between AGMs to review open issues. These meetings are advertised through the ORSO mailing list.

Past events

Meeting or Workshop Date Place Meeting report
5th Annual Meeting June 2023 Online  
4th Annual Meeting June 2022 Online  
3rd Annual Meeting June 2021 Online Neutron News, SR News
Education and Outreach Sep & Oct 2020 Online  
Reproducibility Sep 2020 Online  
File Formats Sep 2020 Online  
Data Analysis Oct 13th 10-14 (UTC) Online  
2nd Annual Meeting May 2020 Online Neutron News, SR News
The 1st Meeting of ORSO Oct. 2019 Abingdon, UK  

For most recent activities please check github issues for each working group:

If you would like to participate in any of these meetings, sign up to the mailing list or contact the chair of the relevant working group directly.