the 6th Open Reflectometry Standards Organisation ORSO annual meeting

Will take place on the 19th July at ILL/ESRF campus as a satellite to the SXNS17 Conference. Physical attendance will require registration at SXNS, but we will additionally run some hybrid sessions for remote participants.

  • To register for physical attendance (including SXNS17) please register here
  • To register for remote access only please register here

Outline of planned agenda (to be confirmed)

Morning Parrallel Breakout Sessions

Discussion of Metadata formats (Chaired by Bridget Murphy, Max Skoda):

  • Presentation of the work done to date by DAPHNE, ORSO & ExPaNDS
  • Discussion of overlap and collaboration opportunities
  • Discussion on legal issues associated with personally identifiable info (e.g. GDPR/data protection/names).

10:30 - 10:45 Coffee break

Discussion on the common model language (Chaired by Brian Maranville)

  • details to follow

How to get involved and contribute to ORSO (Chaired by Tom Arnold)

This session is aimed at explaining how you can contribute to ORSO with demonstrations aimed at different levels

  • Introduction to GitHub
  • How to edit the website and contribute material

Afternoon Plenary session 13:00-14:00

Keynote science talk(s) 13:00-13:45

Speaker(s) to be confirmed:

  • Mathieu Doucet (NIST)
  • Stefan Kowarik (Graz)

Annual General Meeting

13:45 – 14.15: Short Reports from each of the Working groups.

  • Tom Arnold, Bridget Murphy: Education & Outreach Working Group
  • Andrew McCluskey: Reproducibility Working Group
  • Max Skoda, Jochen Stahn: Data Formats Working Group
  • Brian Maranville, Andrew Nelson: Data Analysis Working Group Presentation

14.15 - 14:30: Voting

  • Explanation of ORSO organisation & voting methodology
  • Election of 4 chairs (1 from each working group)
  • Formal approval of the ORSO Governing Principles.

14:30 - 14:45 Coffee break

Afternoon Parallel Breakout Sessions 14:45-17:00

Reproducibility working group (Chaired by Bridget Murphy, Max Skoda)

  • Reference datasets for machine learning and other uses
  • Jos Cooper (ESS): Simulation of datasets for testing analysis

Analysis (Chaired by Andrew Nelson)

  • Talk and short discussion on ‘lost’ techniques. e.g. Maximum Entropy.

SLD database (Chaired by Tom Arnold, Jochen Stahn)

The ORSO SLD database is now live, and we would like to host a session to

  • Present the database and receive feedback
  • Demonstrate usage and data entry
  • Actively contribute data to the database

Teaching materials (chaired by Andrew McCluskey)