The Open Reflectivity Standards Organization (ORSO) is focused on improving standardisation in neutron and X-ray reflectivity techniques. This includes moving towards a standard data format, reproducible data reduction, and working together on fundementals of data analysis.

The inaugural meeting of what has now become ORSO (Open Reflectivity Standards Organisation) took place at the end of October 2019. The meeting had participants from a large number (though not all) of X-ray and neutron facilities from around the world. There was general agreement that there should be some collaboration within reflectivity, towards the standardisation of data formats, reduction, and analysis and as a result a series of working groups were set up. This organisation and working groups are open to all, to join a working group please just sign up on the message board or contact the group chair.

Additionally, there is a GitHub organisation that administers this webpage that you can become an member of by contacting Andrew.