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Table of Neutron reflectometry instruments

Facility Country Instrument Geometry Polarisation ToF Instrument Publications
ANSTO Australia Platypus Horizontal Yes Yes 2011, 2012
ANSTO Australia Spatz Vertical No Yes  
BNC Hungary GINA Vertical Yes No 2012, 2013
BNC Hungary REF Vertical Yes No  
CIAE, CARR China NR Horizontal No No 2011
CSNS China MR Vertical Yes Yes 2018
BARC India PNR Vertical Yes No 2004, 2006
FRM2 Germany MARIA Vertical Yes No 2015, 2018
FRM2 Germany MIRA Vertical Yes No 2007
FRM2 Germany N-REX Horizontal Yes No 2015
FRM2 Germany REFSANS Horizontal Yes Yes 2006, 2015
FRM2 Germany TREFF Vertical Yes No 2017
HANARO South Korea REF-V Vertical No No 2012, 2015
HANARO South Korea REF-H Horizontal No No 2007
ILL France SuperADAM Vertical Yes No 1998a, 1998b 2013
ILL France D16 Vertical No No 2015
ILL France D17 Vertical Yes Yes 2002, 2018
ILL France D50 Horizontal No No 2015
ILL France FIGARO Horizontal No Yes 2011, 2015
RID Netherlands ROG Horizontal Yes Yes 1994, 1995
ISIS UK SURF Horizontal No Yes 1997
ISIS UK Inter Horizontal No Yes 2006, 2011
ISIS UK PolRef Horizontal Yes Yes 2011
ISIS UK OffSpec Horizontal Yes Yes 2011a, 2011b, 2014
FLNP Russia GRAINS Horizontal Yes Yes 2010, 2017
FLNP Russia REFLEX-P Vertical Yes Yes 1992, 2007
FLNP Russia REMUR Vertical Yes Yes 2006, 2016, 2021
JINR, Dubna Russia SPN Vertical Yes Yes  
J-PARC Japan SOFIA Horizontal No Yes 2011, 2012, 2019
J-PARC Japan SHARAKU Vertical Yes Yes 2013, 2014
JRR-3 Japan SUIREN Vertical Yes No 2009
JRR-3 Japan MINE Horizontal No No  
CMRR China Diting TPNR Vertical Yes Yes  
MIT Reactor USA 4DH4 No Yes  
MURR USA GANS Vertical Yes No  
NIST USA CANDOR Vertical No No  
NIST USA MAGIK Vertical No No  
NIST USA Polarized Beam Reflectometer Vertical Yes No  
NIST USA NG7 Reflectometer Horizontal No No  
SNS USA Liquids Reflectometer Horizontal No Yes 2002, 2008
SNS USA Magnetism Reflectometer Vertical Yes Yes 2002, 2009
WRR-M, PNPI Russia NR-4M Vertical Yes Yes  
RINSC USA Reflectometer Variable No Yes  
SINQ, PSI Switzerland AMOR Horizontal Yes Yes 1996, 2000, 2004, 2016
SINQ, PSI Switzerland Morpheus Vertical Yes No  
SINQ, PSI Switzerland Narziss Vertical Yes No  

Publications on historical instruments

The following publications on now inoperational instruments may also be of interest

CRISP 1987 CRISP 1988 Applied Physics A CRISP 1988 Physica B      
V6 1995 V6 2011 V6 2017