The reproducibility working group is focused on creating guidelines to ensure reproducibility of data reduction and analysis of neutron and X-ray reflectivity measurements.

At the recent workshop the Reproducibilty sessions focussed on defining how we can work to improve reproducibilty in reflectometry measurement, reduction, and analysis. In particular, focussing on how we can collaborate to produce reproducible methods for measurement, and help others create reproducible analyses. Minutes from the workshop are availablen online, and a list of actions have been produced.

The working group will focus on the following areas:

  • Measurement: The reproducibilty of our measurements will be discussed by the creation of informative documentation regarding set-up and standardisation of instrumentation.
  • Reduction: While the necessary reduction steps will vary from instrument to instrument we hope to generate guidelines of the expected steps for reduction to be accurate, and reproducible.
  • Analysis: We will look to engage others in producing reproducible analysis, include the generation of how-to guides.

To get involved in the Reproducibility working group you should sign up to GitHub and take a look at the GitHub repository or Gitter message board. You can become a member by emailing the working group chair.

Message board

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  • Mathieu Doucet (ORNL)
  • Arwel Hughes (ISIS)
  • Christy Kinane (ISIS)
  • Alexandros Koutsioumpas (JCNS)
  • Brian Maranville (NIST)
  • Andrew McCluskey (Diamond) – Chair
  • Andrew Nelson (ANSTO)
  • Thomas Saerbeck (ILL)
  • Adrian Rennie (Uppsala)