Can we work together on data analysis?

Yes please, a platform like SasView but built from existing technologies

  • current software can be complex
  • a simple UI with commonalities to all
  • we could collaborate to improve the reflectometry calculation engine (and possibly optimisation)

Engagment with users is important

  • Users should submit an analysis plan (model) with their proposal
  • If we can consistently agree on a model (which is just a different way to abstract out the SLD profile) the UIs don’t need to be identical
  • A shared model description would be a nice thing
  • A shared test suite would also be nice


  • We need to formally collaborate, then go to the institutes to try and get funding
  • Getting commitment for long term by in even if only short term cash support

From the user’s point of view it would be nice to standardise their input to an analysis program

When something doesn’t work the first thing a user does is:

  • Look for an expert to ask
    • Would be nice to have a web presence that points to a shared support inbox or feedback form

Many older analysis packages are on “life support”

Any new analysis codes will ideally be multi-level

  • Catering to Users/Developers/Pros

Some e-learning or summer school initiatives would be nice to train new Users in analysis

All errors should be standardised and documented