What next?

There was broad support for the formation of working groups:

  • Analysis
  • Reproducibility
  • Education and Outreach
  • File formats

These groups will be mainly organised online but will reconvene in Lund next year.

Possible tasks for the working groups include:

  • Draft a standard file format (File formats)
  • Develop a descriptive model language (Analysis)
  • Definition of test cases (Analysis)
  • Sample description for the file format (File formats)
  • Data reduction and analysis reproducibility (Reproducibility)
  • Collection and documentation of existing software (Education and Outreach)
  • Guidelines (Reproducibility)

Each working group will set achievable goals to be carried out before the Lund workshop.

  • Aim to have both working group break out and broader meeting in Lund
  • Make contact with other facilities (including instrument manufacturers) to grow the group