Participants: Tom Arnold, Binhua Lin, Adrian Rennie, Andrew McCluskey, Thomas Saerbeck, Francesco Carla

Actions since the first ORSO meeting in October Have been focused on organizing this meeting–ORSO workshop 2020. It is needless to say a great success, thanks to Tom’s and other organizers’ effort and time spent to put it together.

What should the scope of this working group be?

  1. Organization of meetings? *Org. workshops belong to this working group but should be a shared responsibility. Tom A. took the responsibility to organize the meeting because he was organizing SXNS-16. We should ask the working groups to share the responsibility but require consensus from others to organize. *Organizing meeting should be a smaller part of the task of this working group. In the future the working group should try to do more outreach instead of just organizing meetings. * Meetings in each working group every 3 months, and the big one every year, and go with the SXNS-X meetings, and work into the conference agenda,
  2. Website management * Run it like a Wiki, require people to edit it, but need a person to maintain it. Adrian has a wonderful website, * Adrian–need to define a community before design website, e.g. file format, you need to speak their language, try to identify the groups and try to set a goal and work out how you can do that, these are important before getting into the technicality. * Goal–to define what we should put on the website. Right now we have various pages designed for different interests. Our goals of the website are for the novice, not technical oriented * What is the question–who maintains it? We don’t have money, how do we maintain it–charge to use it or free? * Andrew == Domain (Github) $20/year, domain, don’t want to be owned by any facility/institution. Then there are the working group. People will have to volunteer to edit. Need people who can write.
  3. Dissemination–what should we do, where should we link to in order to get a better google rating? Going to conferences to promoting it? * Francesco–right now we don’t have a lot of stuff yet, * Tom A. how do we reach out to different facilities * Tom S. need time and progress to establish this group, now only 6 months, should have a goal but don’t overreach. For people who can do this need to know how to contribute to this website. The structure of this web is not bad but can provide more info to contribute. * Tom A. website should provide links such as lectures on reflectometry from other places, * Andrew–have several action items, such as his lecture on reflectometry, etc.
  4. Funding– where can we get funding for? * Adrian– Github $20/year, what level of funding? What is it for–what difference would it make, etc., cost money to bring people together, why not facilities pay for it? Need to work out what it is for, and the purpose and where to get it? * Tom A. biggest spending–bring people together, * Adrian–SAXS community–so far not having any budget to get people together, maybe difficult for a few people but most people it will be fine. If you set the expectations that the travel expenses will be covered then you will have to do that, but if you make it clear that you have to support yourself then they will come up with money. * Andrew–running the risk that people from facility support can attend. It is hard for junior level to come. * Tom A. just grant for junior level people. * Tom S. what do you want to achieve. Satellite meetings are easier, but stand alone–what’s the theme, business meeting or reflectometry meeting? * Maintaining website is small budget–SXNS can pay for it.
  5. LOGO * Andrew–it is fair to open it up to everybody–send it out for everybody to vote * Tom A. put two logos proposed so that the selection is an active choice… will invite additional contributions and then vote