Thomas Arnold Ian Tsu Yen Huang Akutsu Nori Yamada Thomas Saerbeck Stephen Holt Anton Le Brun


Discuss: Primary topic What is needed on the web site?

Tom Arnold suggested that people look at web site

It was also suggested that people look at as well as the Orso site. Examples of outreach in related fields are also relevant: Adrian Rennie’s pages on reflectometry are at


Anton Le Brun - (a) canSAS web site - likes wiki format (b) Would like links for instruments and software to be included on Orso site.

Tom Arnold Aimed at both experts

Adrian Rennie Explained and who maintains and who hosts. points to pages hosted on Github. Domain name is owned by Paul Kienzle

Stephen Holt

The Orso site should first use what is available

Anton Le Brun said that the primary needs are:

  • List of neutron reflectometers
  • Some teaching material
  • Links to relevant papers

There is also need for a calendar of meetings.

Mail list: Needed for meetings. Suggestion to have a sub-list of neutron mail list but this would make X-ray specialists feel excluded. Could there be a separate reflection mail list like the small-angle mail list that is run by IUCr?

There followed some general disussion about relation to IUCr.

Hub - also for mail list. Thomas Saerbeck suggested that the page could list various relevant mail lists.

Tom Arnold: This group should focus on ‘Education and Outreach’ but also consider what is wanted

Stephen Holt The content to be found behind tabs is rather obscure - not clear at start Suggested - put description on front page - Overall and for each working group

Thomas Saerbeck commented that at present one needs to find out by clicking. Need to explain on the front page. There needs to be E-mail link(s) on the page(s) What can be done on Github?

Anton Le Brun asked about the platform and format.

Tom Arnold showed that there is an easy edit format. E-mail one of the ‘owners’ if you want become an editor.