ORSO workshop 2020

Education & Outreach Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group – (26th 18:00/27th 10:00)

The education and outreach working group aims to develop understanding of reflectivity techniques and disseminate information about reflectivity analysis. In this session we will discuss

  • Actions since the first ORSO meeting in October
  • What should the scope of this working group be?
  • Ideas for a logo – we have a couple of simple ideas but other design suggestions are welcome.

Education & Outreach Session 2: Website content and collation of online resources – (27th 15:00/28th 08:00)

  • Current status of our website
  • How can it be maintained effectively?
  • Examples of good content from elsewhere
  • What is appropriate content for our website?

Education & Outreach Session 3: Funding opportunities & formal support from facility management – (27th 16:30/28th 10:00)

  • How can we secure the long-term future of this collaboration?
  • Can we claim to speak for the reflectometry community?
  • Write a memorandum of understanding?
  • How do we get formal recognition & publicize our efforts?