ORSO workshop 2020

Session 1: Detailed introduction & aims of this working group – (26th 16:30/27th 08:00)

1.1 26/16:30 Rob target group

 - PRESENTATION of the state of the project including items under discussion
 - whom are we doing this for?
   > recommendation
   >> figure out what funding agencies want to see
   >> what are the national data policies?

1.2 26/16:30 Tim principles

 - PRESENTATION of the state of the project including items under discussion
 - the principles: reusability, interoperability, accuracy
   > explicit formulation (based on Andrew's definitions)

1.3 27/08:00 Jochen what will we deliver in the end?

 - PRESENTATION of the state of the project including outcome of 1.1. and items under discussion
 - how do we meet the balance in between accuracy, habit, tradition and usability?
   > list of suggestions of how to handle this
 - from list of recommendations to (several) defined format(s)
   >> explicit formulation of the deliveries

Session 2: Required content for data files – (27th 11:00/27th 15:00)

2.1 27/11:00 Jochen principles vs. usability

 - balance between matching the principles and usability
   > formulation of propositions

2.2 27/15:00 Jos completeness

 - autonomic set of information or reference to data bases
   >> check data policy of various countries in order to formulate afeasible concept

2.3 27/15:00 Rob/Tim quality levels

 - proposal: introduce a set of file formats with increasing requirements
   (e.g. lazy, pragmatic, strict; with lazy as a reduced ASCII format excerpt of the others)
   > discussion outcome
   > probably list of definitions/requirements

Session 3: Definition of format standards – (27th 16:30/27th 18:00)

3.1 27/16:30 Jos dictionaries

 - vocabulary
   > definition of format
   >> create a dictionary
 - definitions (symbols and their meaning)
   > definition of format
   >> complete list of symbols

3.2 27/16:30 Tim rules

 - flexibility (units, symbols)
   > formulate rule
 - redundancy (allow it? which is the "master" information?)
   > formulate rule

3.3 27/18:00 Jochen modules

 - library of standardised actions to describe reduction steps already performed
   > recommendation
   >> list of well defined reduction steps (open, citable)