Reproducibility 1a

Artur Glavic, Jos Cooper Brian Maranville, Christy Kinane, Mathieu Doucet, Mark Schlossman, Binhua Lin

  • Publishing the resource (of how to make a measurement reproducible) is important, but also can be a reward for the contributors.

  • The round robin samples should be published in a reproducible way?

  • A liquid version of the round robins?

  • Reproducibility is separated into instrument specifics (systematic errors), a reproducible measurement procedure, and a reproducible analysis

  • Systematic errors (in instrument)? Defined list?

  • File formats defining terms to use – tie in

  • Reproducibility of reduced data, and of final answer (Qc should be in the same place for example, as well as all giving the same analysed result)

  • Would like a “how to test/build a reflectometer” type guide, as this would have to contain reproducible measurements

  • X-ray beamlines are generally separate with very little cross facility collaboration/cross checking, reduction software often written by IS’s.

  • A list of pet “standard” samples which people run on their own beamlines? E.g. Ni film, DPPC, DMPC, etc…

  • Any other techniques which could be used to cross compare? (make a list along with what they give and their difficulties)


  • Brian to make a webpage to describe reproducible measurement,

  • Everyone to contribute all corrections we do

  • CJK to start a “how to make a beamline” document (for neutrons)