The working group is focused on cross-facility collaboration on standardized data analysis “best practices” and shared resources to make it easier to build and use reflectometry analysis software

Aims of the group, based on input from the community at the most recent workshop include

  • A shared vocabulary for defining reflectometry models
    • generic (slab + roughnesses) language and
    • more specific dialects for specialized measurements, like bio, magnetic multilayers, soft matter, etc.
  • Standards for one or both of
    • reference implementation of a reflectometry calculation kernel
    • reference calculation sets (inputs and outputs, maybe using generic vocabulary from above)
  • Establishing priorities for future software development
    • Scripting (batch) capabilities
    • Simultaneous fitting
    • More advanced resolution functions (pointwise defined)
    • Lower barrier to installation and use

A set of action items from the last workshop is available in the github repository. Please feel free to volunteer to help out by emailing the chair